What we do

The Chieftess tribe is comprised of experienced creative, marketing and technical minds who are nothing short of a well oiled machine. We continuously research the latest technologies, digital offerings and creative methods in order to effectively communicate with the brands consumers while providing our clients with holistic campaigns.

We specialise in telling your brand story by focusing on your objectives and your consumers thus not only strengthening the relationship between brand product and consumer but by also ensuring that we :
– Convert new leads to loyal consumers.
– Encourage continuous relevant and engaging communication with consumers.
– Increasing sales.

  • Custom Web Design & Development

    Our custom web development and design solutions combine technology and marketing to help companies grow.

  • E-Commerce solutions

    Our fully integrated, on-site e-commerce services team has a broad range of experience with development models and implementation approaches.

  • Measurement & Data Analytics

    We will harness data driven results for your brand using recommended analytic tools and simultaneously form a working relationship between your platforms and objectives.

  • Marketing and Digital Strategies

    Tribe Kanza is our digital marketing tribe that not only puts together air tight digital strategies for you campaigns but also executes them on all digital platforms.

  • SEO & SEM

    Our SEO strategies adhere to best practice guidelines to ensure optimal rankings, brand visibility, targeted traffic as well as higher conversions.

  • Social Media Management

    Looking to grow your business on social networks? Growing your business through social media and digital content is our passion.

  • Procurement & Activations

    We procure the following: Activation elements, promotional items, all print materials and stationary, corporate identity packages and corporate gifts.

  • Events Management

    With our event management company’s expertise at your disposal, you’ll have everything you need for a wide range of event types, large and small, corporate and private.

  • Brand Management

    Chieftess also assists personal brands and corporate brands in aligning their brands with the relevant target audience

  • Brand ambassadors

    Our network of media and marketing promoters are carefully selected to meet all branding needs that the client brief has stipulated and to effectively interact with the target audience.

  • Booking agency

    We specialize in booking the services of professional musicians or other public figures for national and international contracts.